Based in India, specifically the regions of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Odisha, Chetna supplies us with great quality, fairtrade cotton as well as, develops an increasingly sustainable and profitable working environment for local farming families. The recent increase in cotton cropping patterns in India has seen local farmers’ capital suffer due to their dependence upon external inputs such as genetically engineered seeds and chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only are they expensive but they also bring potential health hazards for workers, especially women and girls. This, combined with the fact that the rural banking sector relies on the exploitation of non-institutional credit sources as a result of little financial growth in the recent years, means that rural cotton farmers’ health and profits are suffering as a result, not to mention the ecology of the rainfed regions. Chetna's Organic & Fair Trade Cotton Intervention Program, functions on credible financial formats and takes advantage of locally accessible input resources in order to minimise both, health and financial risks for farmers. Chetna also invites cotton farmers to voice their own concerns and ideas for the development of the industry and community welfare. 

Working alongside Chetna Organic is our manufacturer, Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills based in Kolkata. Unlike most manufacturers, RCM deals solely with Organic Fairtrade Cotton and eco-fibres within their production lines. Also committed to supporting small organic farmers, RCM offers fair labour conditions certified by GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) and SA8000. Using fibre-reactive dyes, RCM are able to cut down on water and heat usage as well as, waste run-offs. The dyes contain no toxic substances or heavy metals, and meet all EU standards for eco-friendly pigments. 

At CAFIN, we are proud to be able to contribute to the continuity of innovative projects like, Chetna's Organic & Fair Trade Cotton Intervention Program and the work of RCM, which improve the working and living conditions for farmers in rural India and pave the way for other suppliers and manufacturers to do the same. All whilst being able to provide you with original and high quality streetwear!  

Author - Freya Gibson 

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