Jasper Wilde is a musician, producer and artist from Cannes, South of France, currently living and creating in London. CAFIN spent a Sunday afternoon with him in his Farringdon apartment.
What follows is what happened.

My uncle introduced me to the guitar and music in general. Playing guitar with him was a real thing for me as I always admired him – He sadly died 6 years ago when I was 18 from alcoholism and smoking. I felt lost as he was a big part of my life.

It’s always a new experience. Its not a pattern. 2 + 2 doesn’t always equal 4. One day you start with the piano, another a guitar, a beat. Another day its talking to someone. Singing a line. A melody. It depends on my mood.
I did medicine for a year down in Nice, South of France. But I wanted to do music; so I went to London to learn English and  to continue creating.
As I’m French I can’t not eat, otherwise I get angry. I like that sort of routine.
After releasing music 2 years ago for the first time I, was very happy to be featured in Clash Magazine, Wonderland Magazine, Complex Magazine, Fortitude Mag, MOBO – I’ve since been taking my time to develop as a person and as an artist, my sound as a producer and my skill as a musician. 2018 is the year. 
So much is done digitally nowadays. There’s no waste.
I also do some charity work at Key Changes, helping to aid in the recovery of mentally ill patients through studio sessions. It really helped me develop as a person, finding who I am personally and in my music too. It’s nice thinking: Today it’s not about me. It’s about this person and I need to make them comfortable and happy.
I’m more open to collaboration. I’ve been working with new people such as Lil Trubz, a rapper from Brixton; Alyssah, a singer from the Caribbean; and, with Plan B in his studio doing talk box for his new album, which was a great experience.
I had the chance to meet with Jimmy Douglass, known in the industry for his work with my biggest influences such as Timbaland, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Genuwine, Missy Elliot, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and so onnnnn. I went over to Miami for 20 days in the studio with Jimmy where we exchanged our knowledge and what I need to do to make the next step. He opened my mind and helped me realise a lot.
In March I’ll be finishing some new songs in LA with an up-and-coming gang of writers, musicians and producers which I’m excited for.
Follow him here @jasperwilde.  

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  • I had a look and his music sounds really good! Thanks for shining a light on him, might be the next big star

    Clement Paul Lhuaire on

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