We’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to speed up the global shift to sustainable living, and there is a lot to be said for the accelerating speed in which it’s happening, but our feeling is that it still needs to happen a lot faster. I assume that you have seen what has been happening in the Amazon, California and across the world’s forests, and can acknowledge that this not a far away crisis, it’s happening now.

Periodically we’ll be writing to you to show as clearly as possible how easy and/ or cost-effective it is to live sustainably, which is often only a matter of being open to change. In every blog we’ll suggest one action that is a powerful climate solution, and because we’ll be acting together, the force of the change will be all the more impactful.

Our suggestion is — make Ecosia your search engine, it plants one tree with the ad revenue generated after 45 searches. It has nearly 9 million users, so far generating enough money to plant 73 million trees. If this isn’t a climate solution we don’t know what is. It requires a minute’s effort to switch to it on your devices, then that’s it. You’re planting trees.

To put this solution into context, if Google adopted the same business model, it could plant about 250 billion trees in a year (almost two thirds of the Amazon rainforest). And so, over the next 10 years could plant the Amazon rainforest six and half times over. I will have planted around 100 trees this year using it, so if every who reads this signed up, next year we’d plant approximately 200,000 trees together without having to think about it (11 times the number of trees in New York’s Central Park).

Here’s another list of reasons why you might want to use it: 


If you search it, you can have it as an add-on, replacing Google. 

There's also an app

APP LINK: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/ecosia/id1463400445?mt=12

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Lots of love,

James Barrett & the CAFIN team

@__jamesfrederickbarrett / www.jamesfrederickbarrett.com

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