Fashion as a force for good

 “Buy less, choose well and make it last”. In so quoting the iconic British designer Vivianne Westwood’s words, at CAFIN we believe this philosophy could become the driver to make fashion a force for good – a means of expressing ourselves and our identities while caring for both people and planet.

Fast fashion brands have torn up the ancestral industry model of seasonal trends, introducing new items almost daily. The resources involved in producing this type of clothing are staggering – millions of tons of unsold clothing thrown away every year, with devastating impacts on communities involved in the supply chain process.

As citizens we have a responsibility to shop more conscientiously, with the earth and our fellow earthlings in mind. We can also minimise our consumption by recycling, sharing and borrowing our clothing. We can hunt for ‘pre-loved’ and upcycled clothes, or take part in clothes swaps with friends. Get creative and start saving time and energy today by decluttering, recycling, swapping, and buying ethically sourced and environmentally friendly investment pieces for your wardrobe: the environment, our fish (and your wallet) will thank you. 🐟

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