CAFIN and a chance to reflect

At CAFIN we believe that, as Fashion Revolution Week begins, this is an ideal time to reflect on the choices and decisions we take in how to improve the world 🐟 

COVID-19 has also highlighted humanity’s co-dependence with nature - the fashion industry’s continued survival is, in the same way as ours, dependent on the protection of the environment from which it draws its materials 🌱Decisions we take as consumers (and the CAFIN crew, but importantly, as businesses) on how to best protect our world, are as urgent as ever.

That’s why we seek to love (and tirelessly seek the betterment of) our earth 🌎 and fellow earthlings (p.s. Earth Day 2020 is on Wednesday!), through exploring ideas to make better clothes.

On Friday we will remember the victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2013. What rang true then rings even truer today.. those affected then, have been among the worst impacted now and the decisions we take as shoppers will continue to affect their lives post-COVID. At a time like this, assessing our behaviours and our relationship with nature and people is more important than ever 🦋 And maybe just maybe … this is an opportunity for us to together create a slower fashion industry, where reflection leads to a new-found respect for social justice and the environment.

As part of Fashion Revolution Week, the CAFIN team, in collaboration with artist Daryl Rainbow, have created a series of animations aimed at tackling the fast fashion industry crisis. Keep your eyes peeled for the first of 5 animations tomorrow

Much love n’ hugs

#vivaelfish 🐟

Paul and the whole CAFIN crew x


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